Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Very good.

First off, he concept was very simple yet intriguing, and I also like the consistency of the film which is rare for a collaborative project. Also, the music added to that consistency and also gave the city a feel of being civilized, cultured, and a little quaint, just that it was made out of cardboard.

MorrowDays responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. When Jake first found the music all of us were like OMG WE HAVE TO USE THAT! its crazy how suitable it is, at least, I think so :)

thanks for the review,



i really anjoyed it and thought it was very artistic. most ppl wont rate it good cause they lost touch with art and just want violence and gore and zombies and such. gratz on over 7k frams. i know that doing animations alone is a very long tedious act and takes for ever just to get a few hundred. so gratz on the thousands. keep it up and get all your videos on front page so they are easier to find

Wow must be alot of illiterate people here

i don't understand why people expect a storyline from a collab? but anyways i liked it, very calming music, excellent animation and the waiting game was a nice touch
in a way you should take these ignorant reviews as a complement, because it all blended so well together they don't realize its all separate, though there was some story line when it rained
either way, congrats guys, when you realize what it was supposed to be (which is so easy that i kinda just stare at the other reviews) you realize it achieved everything it was supposed to


You'll have to excuse the other Newgrounders. The only thing that they are looking for is hentai and fart jokes. This was an extremely well made animation! The music was soothing and well suited for this. Couldn't find that easter egg though. Unless it was the horrid Ms. Cardboard 2008 billboard. Yikes. Well, good luck in future animations and I hope that they are as artistic as this one. Cheers!

Very Creative and Original

I loved this, it shows how each one of you guys can animate with using a certain style but using your style tied into it. The music sounded a little scratchy, but it fit well with the entire animation. Plus the game you had in the loading screen is very addicting. Great job everyone and keep doing what you do best!