Reviews for "Cardboard City"

Nice concept

It's a pretty cool concept, but it may be a little long for not having a story. It's still a good animation and has nice use of texture.


Good Movie,i see that you give a good work creating it. Nice job

MorrowDays responds:


i like it

it has a nice feel to it, the music goes nicely to the animation, very zen.

i dont know, i just feel good inside watching this. :]

MorrowDays responds:

well then we must have done a good job, Im glad you feel good inside. I like the zen quality of it too, its nice.

I like it

Very well done. Very jazzy and slow pace. Love the music alot, and I had a chuckle when it rained at the building just got sogged down. Still would have been nice with dailouge or maybe more stuff giong on in the city.

MorrowDays responds:

there weren't enough homeless people. that was the problem.


alright, i'm not gonna rag on you guys, or praise you guys.
it was a clever idea, & it was well animated.
there was subtle humor in spots, but overall, it simply wasn't entertaining enough to hold peoples interest.
the way i see this, it's a piece of artwork.
it's not meant to entertain, but simply to portray a view.
i'm not sure if that's how you meant it, but the haters need to understand that.
but at the same time, you gotta meet your audience eye to eye.
if they're wanting humor, & plots, give it to them, or they wont respond in a friendly manner.