Reviews for "Cardboard City"


I could watch that over and over again! but i've got stuff to do!

MorrowDays responds:

good to know your limits! come back any time :)

Something new...

Wow, this collab was so peacefully... so calm. Just right for relaxing and dreaming. Thank you so much for this wonderful work, all of you :)

MorrowDays responds:

hey thank you mister rocketmouse! nice review :)


i really like this a lot. one of the best loading screens ever!! also the music was awesome!! it sounded like bass clarinet and bass clarinets are most awesome!!


All of them. I'm not going to force myself to use big words just to seem like some genius, i'm just going to say it straight out:

A lot of these negative reviews are full of crap.

There didn't need to be any story. It was a terrific animation, especially when you stop and think that all these animators got together, used the same kind of visual device in all these different vignettes of a city to make this animation. I think what's making a lot of people bash this animation is the fact that it all meshes together so perfectly.

You see other compilations and collabs get rave reviews, and there's absolutely no cohesiveness through the whole thing. The styles are radically different, the vignettes have no linked plots, the quality doesn't even match from one to the next. But those are okay, because, "Ur flash maed me laff, LOLOLULZ"

This animation was good. It was a lot better than many, MANY animations i've seen here. I rarely ever write reviews, but i absolutely loved this one, and can't understand how in the hell anyone could be so totally blind to the good qualities of this animation, and even rip on this collab for things that are fresh as compared to some of the other crap that gets frontpaged.

One flaw...

What if it rains?