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Reviews for "All The Trees"

I can't believe!

I can't believe this thing still has a score below 4.0. This is 4.0+ material for sure. The simple art style is somewhat common-place in flash works these days, but you went above and beyond with your abstraction of plant & animal life. I agree that your synchronization with the music was spot on (just watch the rainbow). Your conveyance that the universe operates in layers & continual cycles adds some great depth to this piece; definitely makes one think about more than just the superfical art that's going on.

Simply beautiful!

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Wow... Thank You! I'm not sure if its worth a 4.0 but thanks!!! I haven't till just recently created a flash that reached a 4.0.... But I'm working on it...


It looked nice. I found the author's style to be most pleasing. The song used was soothing and I think served the concept wonderfully. This animation left me with a feeling of existentialism for which I am grateful. Bravo.


I just voted 5 on this and raised its score from 3.58 to 3.63- even though that might hurt my chances of getting a daily award, i don't care, this was awesome! I loved the simplistic, almost child-like style of this. Very addicting style, especially the way the tree was done. You can check out my new animation I submitted today, too. It's still in the most recent 50, it's blue.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Hey I just watched your animation... Really Amazing!!! I voted 10/10 5/5 also.... Great Job!
And Thanks So Much for the score!!!
I was going for a child like look... Like you said... Lol
Good Luck with the daily... You totally deserve it!
Your flash makes mine look like an poo...


While this does start out a little slow, the audio fits very well and I adore your style - keep it up!

another ten

If you were nervous about this one Id like to see some that you not nervous about.
I thought this was beautiful, provocative etc etc. No doubt youll have another winner on your hands.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Lol thanks... Well Im still not entirely sure I will keep it on NG... I think the only flash I have done that I wasn't too nervous about submitting is My English Tea Flash... But I was in a strange and creative phase when I made that one... Lol but thanks for the 10!!! Again!!