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Reviews for "All The Trees"

This was good.

I really loved the music in this flash it was ok though. I gave it a 5 anyway!

very intresting

to begin with, it seems as this flash is boring, however, as it progresses, it brings to light questions such as how 'significant are we in the great scheme of things? its a very good submission that everyone should watch, even if you don't like it, its a must.

Yeah I liked it.

Nice flash, good animations.


It's a decent effort. I like some of the style and how the animation synchs with the music - which is quite weak, in my opinion. But the animation is inconsistent, with some good ones (the tree) and some bad ones (the squirrel). The whole thing is also a bit boring and doesn't have a particularly interesting message. But it's a decent effort.


trippy, very trippy. but amazing. kudos, i loved the animation. the way you made things grow/dissappear to the beat was amazing