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Reviews for "All The Trees"

Not my taste.

Hum, some may like this as it is animated quite good. but i dont like songs and stories like that.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

I liked the song... until I started animating it... Now Its not so good... lol I realized after listening to it 100 times... It gets a bit annoying... lol but thanks for your honesty...

that was great!!!!!

loved the cycle of life and the infinitism of the universe, impressive, i liked it more than your other submission and that one was good too, thanx, and im looking forward to seeing more of your imagination come to life


Heck, it may not be your normal work, but I found it to be really relaxing, that is a great tune. I'm a sucker for colours :P

Great idea, went well with the song, and it's not my taste in music.

To build on it? Well, Its your imagination. I cant criticise that on a music video. Perhaps different animation, in such, like the fruit, I couldnt help but feel it was a little repititive. The apple people were nuts mind. (thumbs up.)

Nice work mate.


it ok but it to fruty for me but good work on the show

cheshirecat1582 responds:

I like fruit... But Yeah... Fruity it was... Not my norm...

Very nice message

I really like It, It's like a very happy way of seeing things, and remembering that It's all a cicle xD
Good Job!!!