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Reviews for "All The Trees"


song,timing,art.this was good.
more stories from you!


You shouldn't be nervous at all, you make beautiful creations. You have a real talent and I really love your stuff. And it's really unique to Newgrounds, as well, which I think is great.

Can't wait to see more from you! XD

Simple, artsy, beautiful

Ashley, your flash rocks to the max. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

in my opinion one of the best videos on newgrounds

I would appriciate subtitles though


i really love this animation it is very well done. i saw your other animation yesterday so i had to check this out and now im hooked on your stuff. your different style of animation is really good you do it well and the way you color these is very nice. like therandomdot said i cant believe that this hasnt gotten a 4 or higher. my fav part was when the camera was zooming out and you saw how each world was within a world. i was really able to grasp that and grasp how small we really are... but yah. sorry, i marked down one star because the song did start to bug at the end but other than that it was great! keep up the good work and youll have a 4 star flash in no time ;)