Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"

its not a fun game but not a bad game so its a average game.

fucking pissed me off how many times i lost ps: a dosnt work

Good, but I can't kill A-Bot

Hmm well...

The overall stats are:

Gameplay: 4/10
Its the same enemies, one attack, almost no pickups (hearts) also the fact, that one hit drained a FULL heart, and you turned around, wich was really tedious.
Its the same, tedious gameplay the whole time, and the first Legend of zelda on NES had way better gameplay, with worse technology.

PS: Dungeons were TOO easy to find.

Music: 7/10

I liked the music, and it had a LOZ style, and didnt get repetetive.
Nice job with the music.

Graphics: 5/10

The graphics were nice at the beginning, but they got repetetive soon, wich is a bad sign

Controls: 4/10

The controls were horrible....
You had to keep pressing random buttons to find the good ones.
How do you open chests? I still do not know the button.
I just kept pressing random buttons and then hope the chest would open and spug out a small key.



Thanks for the effort though!

its alright

i like it reminds me of loz links awakening