Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"


Playable(combat), 1/5 :
Sucks to fight!
i am just fighting against the flash monster so i hit it it goes transparant and i can't hit it but it can hit me...
So i am fighting 2 monsters at the same time i slashed 1 and the other and then they r transparant again..
And they own me. Cause they always hit while u can't.
Playable(movement), 5/5:
Arrow keys, SIMPLE!

Replay, -/5:
Don't know could not even play it out once

Graphical, 4/5:
It really looks nice. It isn't the nicest if ever seen but it still is nice.

Creative, 5/5:
Yeah. I never saw this so great creativity.

ShirkDeio responds:

Nice layout on the review.

I don't know how to fix the invincibility thing because I have it as low as possible right now (how long it is).


this is way to hard the enemys should disappear when you kill then the way you did it was way to hard

ShirkDeio responds:

Hard = good. Period.

Why did you have to make the bosses invinsible?!

it took forever to beat them because I had to wait so god damn long for them to changed back and they moved way too fast in such small areas.

ShirkDeio responds:

Stupid lag >_<

Lot's of things to improve..

The idea was great. There are just quite a many flaws.
The enemies could have had varieties such as red color or something like that AND they stay WAY too long invincible.
The map is quite plain. Just trees everywhere. It gets really boring y'know..
The swords reach is really short. Makes it hard to hit enemies without getting hit.
The pushback is really frustrating. For example if there's 3 enemies and only one is left you get a hit and fly to the next area. Then when you go back.. all the enemies are back.
The mazes were also quite plain. Just run around and eventually you get to the boss which is REALLY hard. You could have added some puzzles in the labyrinth.
Health potions are also welcome!
Otherwise kinda good game.

ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for reviewing.

Yeah, the game did need a bit more variety in enemies, maps, and such. I didn't have time to add puzzles or more enemies, though.

I've heard so many times that hard is good. A game that you can beat in 3 seconds isn't as good as the game like this that takes 30 minutes - 3 hours.

There are hearts for health ;)

Why the hell did you make the enemies invincible?

It ruined the whole game. You shouold have just made it so that they were invincible when they were flying back after an attack.

ShirkDeio responds:

Invincibility prevents the enemies from losing multiple HP in one slash of the sword.

And I did make it so that they were invincible when they were flying back after an attack o_0