Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"

good game

Its a good game but i can't beat Wade

ShirkDeio responds:

Glad you like it. To beat Wade, you just have to memorize his attack pattern and form a strategy based on that ;)

best game ive seen in ages

how do you beat wade???

ShirkDeio responds:

Avoid him until he throws his sword, then slash him (from the farthest distance that your sword still reaches him).

crap game

it alright but i dont really like it

ShirkDeio responds:

crap review

Please help me

Ok Im Stuck on the First Boss!!! How do you beat him?! i try and try and try but i cant seem to beat him , i know the tactic but it just doesent work so a 8 / 10

DarkApocalips Out Peoplez

ShirkDeio responds:

It doesn't always work, but you can try hiding in the lower-left corner. As long as he doesn't unleash his sound wave attack right next to you (which is a 1 in 3 chance) he will miss.


fucking kills me just by being in the same room. when the fight started, i lost health. i ran to the side of the room, opposite him. he used the sound wave thing, and even though i was 6 feet away, it hit me. getting close to attack also results in death. a good concept, but fucking A-bot is impossible