Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"

damn strawberry clock

damn...strawberry clock is hella hard..i cant beat him =(
its a good game nonetheless,but good is all to describe it

I beat the hidden boss! I get... Turd of the Week?

This game was a great LoZ-like game, but I have a few minor gripes.
1) The bosses had a way to long cycle compared to their health. With A-bot, you don't notice it, but Me and Piconjo were extremely hard do to the fact it took me 5 minutes.
2) Wade damages you when you deal a successful attack. I had the maximum of 9 hearts at this time, and I found myself having to dodge all of his attacks, or pray for health.
3) There are two types of enemies, and the only difference is health. Considering how great the bosses attacks were, you shouldn't have a problem creating unique enemies.

Overall though, a great game.

ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for your thoughts. I will consider them when making games in the future :)

good game

i almost beat the second palace but me killed me that was fun

It was nice

A nice game, but I was pretty disappointed since it was just a fighting game ^^ I thought it would have more...puzzles in it

Neat game

Very enjoyable and reminds me a lot of Zelda,the controls we're pretty good though not fantastic,overall a good game.