Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"


Without sound effects, variation on the ground, and variation in the enemies, overall this game seems functional but rather bland.


sort of based of of the 1st legend of Zelda

Ehh. It's okay.

THe game is very well made, but the backgrounds need to be a little less boring, and sound effects are needed badly. Otherwise, it's not too bad.

good but

this is good but this should be a side srooling brawler with combos on my opinion you should incease the zoom this is all on my opnin

There's a trick or two to every boss...

W00T! I got the turd of the week trophy AND all ten hearts! Now if only I had some sense of fulfillment...

9 out of 10 because of repetetive gameplay (EXCEPT the bosses, it was a fun challenge to figure them out) and a glitch that happened twice where I would try to kill a flash and it would just stand there and quit moving.

For those who need a leg up, the trick to A-Bot is to keep your distance as best you can (which is hard, I know) and to stand beside or behind him when he throws the cd's. Don't worry, aside from Strawberry Clock, he is the hardest boss.