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Reviews for "Zombie Slayer Redux"

Fuck yeah!

Great zombie game. It was simple yet kind of challenging. And the weapons were awesome.

Nice, frontpage please.

Ragdolls, zombies and nailguns! Awesome, ill ignore the jumping and that I have an azerty keyboard for now. GJ.

sure, you ended up killing the random seeming boss

But why did the city explode??????

I Liked It

It was quite enjoyable to play despite being a little short.


The selecton of weaponry was just right and I died a few times through lack of health, which is good because that means its not to easy, though if I had a second play-through I would be confident I could do it without dying. Graphically it was fantastic, I liked the physics of the zombies falling as well.


The zombies seemed to be the same throughout, apart from that grenadier zombie if you went through the levels increasing difficulty and making the enemies more varied it would have been better. I also noticed a little glitch when you die using the chainsaw it continues the noise for a while after you die.


More varied enemies, perhaps add a flying enemy or two, why not make the soldier enemies shoot, you could also add a whole RPG element to it i.e. increasing skills with weapons, running faster jumping higher, I would replace this with the rampage meter which I barely used.

It was mediocre.

Well, work on the physics first. Jumping and walking up hills was very awkward, I believe I bounced off a few objects also.

As someone else has stated, using the mousewheel to change weapons would be a great asset, plus it would be better if the monsters dropped ammo and health instead of it just falling randomly from the sky.

A slightly bigger arsenal of weapons would be welcomed, but not necessarily needed. And perhaps a level up system for speed, aim, etc would make it a little more interesting.

All in all I rated a 5, so I expect to see more from you.