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Reviews for "Zombie Slayer Redux"

nice one

hey man. nice zombie kill jumpn run. i like it . the weapon handling is just amaizing. my single core amd had some performance problems but fuck it im goin to buy a new one. one thing i missed: a real end screen or end squence.

to many bugs

it doesnt work correctly but its a good game

Love this game :)

this is one of my al time favorite games on newgrounds, great work man! maybe we will see a Zombie slayer 2?

To many bugs

There were to many bugs for me to even get through the first 3 stages. First time i played the guy just started running right constantly no matter what i pushed. Next time he ran left, which ment there was no way for me to even get to the next stage. Then the last time when i got my rampage bar full he just stood there... wouldnt move. Plus on top of that not that much of an original idea.. i like the chainsaw, dont get me wrong.. but the fact is that this site as well as many others have been flooded with zombie killing games..

good, can be improved

needs some bounce when hitting monsters... they don't seem affected when they get shot or cut