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Reviews for "Zombie Slayer Redux"

too easy

it was fun, though i have seen this game from somewhere else before. the game was too easy and short. the rag dollish effects were neat though. is there going to be a sequel?

Simplton is the fake one

Zombie slayer is the real ver stapleton is a ripoff i think

Killing zombies is never boring

really sweet game dude. You can never go wrong with killin zombies. The only critisizm i have is that it was way easy, very short, and the story line was weak. Im not sure what happend at the end. Did the city get nuked?

seen it

i have seen this game before on mofunzone.com. there it was called simpleton.

sweet game

good game loved it all exept the boss was to easy and the endings kinda anticlimatic dont u think