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Reviews for "Zombie Slayer Redux"


i think its amazing for ppl to even be able to make a game, really fun and i liked your graphics, keep it up, you have talent

Same Old

A game that I've seen too many times. It lacks creativity and originality


story just stopped though. should of had him escape or somthing

Great Game

Great game. A little easy and short, but still damn good.


it was ok... the gameplay was good.
seen so many times before but still good...
though the GRAPHICS they sucked!!!
do something about the graphics, make just a little story, and make more different zombies and THEN you will have a good game!
(the going up a hill went all too slow do something about it!) and the movement of the water were so unreal it wasnt even funny... make it more steady.

- but hey! all the critics is on the graphics! the game's still good :D

- oh and one more thing: make a SHOP i love BUYING the weapons, it makes it feel so accomplished-ish... y'know? :P

but this will be a so-so game in the bunch