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Reviews for "Zombie Slayer Redux"

good but

the rampage should be a little harder to get and should carry over to next level

Very fun!

Very nice job! The controls are great, the action keeps coming,and it's very fun overall! The only problem is the hit detection with the chainsaw....the tip of the chainsaw doesn't hurt the zombies and you have to wait until they are close. Apart from that,I have no complaints about this great game. Very nice work! Keep it up!


r u gonna make a #2 PLZ DO this is a great game fun and easy right from the start yet replayable :D

Good time killer

Great game man, it's not the most complex zombie shooter out there, but shure is good. Nice graphics, good set of weapons, variety of enemies, and no bugs (at least when I played it). I give you a 9 because of the lack of ammo, you could be more generous about it.
Congrats man!


The animation was very well done and the game was actually fun to play. Sound was decent, but not revolutionary. Artwork simple but effective.

From a gameplay standpoint, what I'd like to see in a sequel is a bit more variety in the weapons. There didn't seem to be much difference between the pistol, rifle, and nail gun at all. If you keep them, I'd recommend the pistol doing regular damage, but plentiful ammo. The rifle perhaps a bit more damage, but a better chance of a critical hit, and the nailgun maybe knocking back/stunning enemies.

Overall, very well done.