Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


L.O. fucking L , man....

Dylawrence responds:

HA! Thanks 4 reviewing!


Sounds too much like the conscience from blockhead.

Other than that. Good humour, decent animation. Not much to improve on.

Dylawrence responds:

I never looked at it like that! It surprisingly does... I tried to make him sound like Carl from ATHF. and thanks for the positive review!


That was a decently funny Flash movie. The voice acting and humor were decent, but next time try to throw some more detail and accuracy in the art. It wasn't bad, but it needs work.


... I really had to laugh, although it was predictable xD Yeah, great idea to tourm him into a psycho killer. You should improve your animation skills though, and perhaps buy a better microphone xD


Very funny piece, I loved the voice work. Not much to go off of since the animation left much to be desired but I loved the humor, laughed many times.