Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


Mann.... boobs freaken rule... there like the only thing on my mind besides munchies after a little mary jane.

Jesus christ, that pumping is insane.

Well that was off. Usually I'm not a fan off the whole "One cranky, deep voice guy" conversing with a "Sweet, light voiced guy" but this was alright. I personally haven't played Dig Dug that much, well, recently but I still got all the jokes behind it. I do love how you've turned such a generic childhood game and made it so casually adult.

This shit was intense. Good work.


Loved the animation! It made the whole experience have that CLASSIC feel, and sometimes simple is better, and less is more.
Classic newgrounds style, love it!
Keep up the great work!


This gets better and better every time I watch it. Definitely a favorite!

Fucken Love this

I was just happening to really get in to
this old school game, Recently,
And i see this i just