Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"

Good Job

That was pretty funny. I feel sorry for the red guy.

Dylawrence responds:

Poor Jared... thanks for reviewing!

Dude What Happend

Last Time I Watch This It Was Funny As Hell Now The Zoom In The Flash Got Mess up And All I See Is Sky Mountains Clouds And Voices Now Please Fix This Flash Cartoon Dude I Wanna Watch It Again!!!!

Dylawrence responds:

Oh what the fuck??? I must've uploaded the wrong file, thanks for catching that dude... I just altered the sound, and the Gif. so it would look more clean...

It should return back to normal by tomorrow! Sorry about that man!

yep :D

all old heroes are psychopaths one way or another :)

very funny

XD freakin funny omg im still laughin u should make more

it was pretty cool

i rofled at the part where he rubs himself with blood