Reviews for "Bathtime"

Nice and simple.

Very fun, although after awhile it gets sorta boring.

Maybe adding music and some sort of 'boss' element would have made it better. :)

Nice game

Not bad,nice 5 minutes break games...But some music would be better,I think!


The games really fun, but after a while it
gets boring :/
but nice animation, pretty
fun game overall :D

Sweet Game

This game rocked!It could have been a tiny bit better,but overall one of th best.I got to Leval3 With 100%of water!

squeeky clean!

flawless presentation with this simple idea (i probly would have never thought of it myself.) very nice job on this, one thing that you could add is some sort of scene in the background where it would progress with each level making the player come back for more. Another thing could be a pause button (since some of us may or may not have turkey in the microwave) for when we need to step away from the keyboard but want to keep on playing this increadibly addictive game
all-in-all i'd have to say about a 5/5 kudos