Reviews for "Bathtime"

2nd PLACE !!!

wow lol 2nd place all time!!! great game!!!!


It was incredaby boring. Its the same over and over.

grainsalt responds:

Sorry you didnt like it m8...


kinda fun got boring and difficult

but was the bar of soap supposed to flash like a strobe light

grainsalt responds:

Yah, I am gonna try and upload a new version that is more interesting in the later levels soon. As it can become a grind, BUT at that level its all about getting that elusive level 41! .. hehe

High Score Number 1! All Time!

20336 High Score! number one all time! lol tomorrow it will proably be replaced.... good game. Add a pause button. the bonuses were good. I liked that you made the water lower as you ran out. eventualy though it gets impossible to pop all of the bubbles. Great job particualry considering this is your first game

grainsalt responds:

Yah I noticed that, you put me down to 7th place on my own game .. hehe.. well done... I cant believe anyone made level 40... but you did.


it might have been boring after awhile but it was well put together mabyyou could add some other things than bubles liker bubles that are different colors could be powerups ect but it was well put together so 10/10 5/5

grainsalt responds:

Thats definitly where I wanted to go, but I wanted to release the game and get the feedback to see if I was going in the right direction. More powerups and rewards was the idea.