Reviews for "Bathtime"

very addicting

ad time consuming i gave up at level 21 wit a score of tenthousand soething very fun and original game keep up the good work

grainsalt responds:

Thank you. The game levels out in the 30's ... I am trying to code in some more features for future levels when I release again based on feedback.


It's cool.

The tap power up is on a different layer and went behind the window. I'm not sure if the other power ups did as well.
And you should make your dynamic text un-selectable so that the text cursor doesn't appear on the soap.


grainsalt responds:

Yeah, I am working on that one. Someone noticed it just before it got encrypted to upload. I should have it fixed on my next upload. Cheers for noticing, I thought I got away with it ... doh!


a bit addicting at first but their are alot of games like this but still great idea and style. Good graphics too

grainsalt responds:

Yeah thats why I went with this "style" for my first game .. but I would have liked to be a bit more origional.. Still, thanks for the feedback.

EEEK! Help rubber ducky!!!

It's a good simple game that gets crazy hard after a short while. Good Job

i had a lot of bathtimes in my life where...

better than this

grainsalt responds:

Sorry you didnt like it, suggestions are welcome for improving.