Reviews for "Bathtime"

Too easy

Great gaem but went on for too long doing nothing.

grainsalt responds:

Yah, I am gonna try and work on that, I think I could add a few more "bonus's" and work on the "level acceleration".


Not a bad game at all. It's an interesting concept, and I like how it starts to get more challenging after the first few levels. Adding the duck in there to help pop some of those bubbles was a good idea, because once you hit level five, it seems like it's almost impossible to pop all the bubbles on your own. Overall, it's a fun game, and it was well made. Nice job.

Kind of fun

A nice simple flash game that I can play when I'm stressed out, because popping bubbles always relieves stress. The difficulty seemed a bit on the easy side, but perhaps I was just good at it. A little music could definitely make it better, but I guess that's not necessary.