Reviews for "Mental"

I liked it

Well then, this game somehow seems to have better graphics than it really does, I think it was just a great job. This game is the work of a pro, only sugestion I would make is to make more ;) I don't really have any constructive criticism on this game because it was done quite well, congrats.

Awesome game!

Very fun! A sequel would win 1st place for sure most likely!


oh wow! good job! it reminds me a lot of "Neighbors from hell" just better coz it's multi character control. Kinda like co-op with urself.
9/10 (coz of the graphics and controls take a while to get used to)
and 5/5 coz it's very entertaining.

This was fun!

This game was great!!! =]

Ok i guess

It took a little bit, but I beat the game. It wasn;t anything that great, but it did kill some time for me.