Reviews for "Mental"

glitch or my cpu

Well im not sure if this is just my cpu or a glitch but after the mental doctor answers the phone he "dissapears" but youll find that if you re enter that phone room and walk to the phone he appears and beats the crap out of you and you lose. dnt really know, look into and someone else try it see what happens, hope its not my cpu. anyway gonna keep trying to beat it, and gj good game 9-10 and a 4 =D


i love it =D 32mins for me to clear the game... =D

new favorite!

after a while of running around completely clueless, i made it in 20 min's!
actually 10 points but i give it just 9 because i really really want more levels! =)

love it!

ok but challenge

but hard i mean how do you get past guards

hard but fun

hard but very fun