Reviews for "Mental"


It was a very fun and nice game. But just like the guy below me. In the basement level with the big purple guy I pulled the lever, picked up the axe then I was stuck. I could go up and to the pipe to the left and that was it. I couldnt go into anything and could go as far as I wanted, only up.

really nice, but there are glitches

In the basement level, my big guy could "float". He wasn't stopped by the walls and could go higher floors just by holding the UP key. I made a screenshot of the purple guy between two floors. PM me if you want to see it.

what a cool game :P

great little mind bender to play while your waiting for class to start :)
one problem though...at the very end I can get the purple guy through the last door but not anyone else...and when I do get the purple guy through the last door the game freezes :(

other then that its a great game!!

Game rules but its too short

i love games that make you think, but this one is way to short (make another one) so i can only give you a 9/10

Its a Ok game...

But i never really figured out what to do xD
maybe just me being stupid...=)