Reviews for "Mental"

Worth trying out

I enjoyed it. Kinda reminded me of the old Spy vs Spy game WAYYY back in the day. Simplistic but challenging at the same time. Might have made it a little longer and considered (as it's timed) instead of "GAME OVER" when you get caught, just putting them back in their starting position? or something to that effect.
good fun.

c'mon somebody

somebody pleaz help me on this game


OMG! LOL! What a funny idea! OMG! Can't get over what this game is! You're escaping a mental instutuion! HAAHAHHAH! 9/10


its fun but short should have made levels like the way home other wise cool :)

Very difficult

but smart. Easy though, then I realised I did it the longer way when I checked the guide...

When will people realise that the glitches are by there PC, get the latest flash player, idiots.

Now, just fix up the graphics and thats it.