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Reviews for "Mental"

Great Puzzler!

I agree with Prennick. It would be better if the locks were color coded. Other than that, the only other suggestion I would make might be a description of the characters telling the player what each character is best at. Might save a little frustration. Anyway, I really enjoyed the game and hope to see more like it in the future!

Good work

The plot was good (who wouldn't want to escape a mental hospital?) and the idea for having three different people working together was nice, especially with each of them having a certain attribute (strong, little, and slingshot).

1) If you're going to go to all the trouble of color-coding the keys, color-code the locks too. It's a bit frustrating to have a key, see a keyhole, and not have any explanation as to why the two don't go together.
2) Things like pieces of paper (which can be read by anyone) and bottles of horribly corrosive acid (which can be dumped by anyone) shouldn't need a specific person to be read or dumped. I got the slip of paper with the little guy and couldn't figure out what to do with it because only the medium one could read it.

dis is great

wat i like in a game different but not uniqe


it's a great puzzle game, other than the bugs... one time i entered through the door and i disappeared, leaving only 2 to do the job. Fix this please, the other people seem to have encountered this problem too.

Not bad

But there is a bug. If anyone tries to walk through the sliding door before unlocking it, they vanish and you can't do anything.

Other than that, it was rather fun.