Reviews for "Rejected by NewGrounds"


Correct me if i am wrong but you had submitted a flash before with
Weird Al, right? It was his song "fat" I think.
If I remember well you have being better in animating. I think.

One of the don'ts

Asking not to be blammed is an almost surefire way to make sure you do get blammed.

good idea

look, the idea is cool and slightly funny but the stuff that goes on newgrounds needs to be stuff that people will watch many times. im not going to let something through that im never gonna watch again and that just isnt that good. dont take it the wrong way, u have good ideas but the flash needs work, keep practising and u might get on

Really good

I know how you feel, my movies get rejected too. Still, the movie this review is for is good, it shows emotion. Well done!


I got my video blammed and I don't make a video about suicide. Seriously, its just a video. Just pick yourself up and make a video that isn't bad.