Reviews for "Rejected by NewGrounds"


Don't wan't to be blamed?
Well find something more interestig than complain 'kay?

Good Flash 101

Animation takes longer than 6 hours unless your an expert at flash... with you are clearly not!
i know people who have taken over 1-6 months animating, with after they were completed they were perfect AND GOT A GOOD SCORE!!!!!

0/10 ||| 0/5

brilliant :D

I havent laughed this hard on any flash :D. This is without a doubt one of my favorite comedy flashes. Good job with it. 5/5 10/10


I think that if you want to be apresciated you have to work harder and spend more time on your stuff. Look at me, i've started animating at 2 ou 3 months, but not doing anything extraordinary. Now i'm spending a lot of my time on a serie i'm doin called "TheLostMemory" and i'm doing good.

What i mean with all this is that if you want do to something big, you have to spend a lot of your time and effort on your work, otherwise...


you spent 6 hours on something and it got blammed? big surprise. people spend weeks, months and sometimes even years on flashes, so dont be surprised when you pull something out of your arse in a day and it gets blammed.

also, you cant just tell people not to blam you. thats the whole point of newgrounds. obviously your flash sucked and people hated it. you cant just go 'but i spent 6 hours on it so you cant blam me' and expect people to go 'oh ok, we'll let it on newgrounds now'. thats not how it works. spend some time actually making something good, and then submit it. dont spam the portal with crap and expect it all to go to frontpage.