Reviews for "Rejected by NewGrounds"

Take more time.

Seriously, 6 hours feels like a long time, but it takes at the very least 2 days to pull off something passable by Newgrounds standards. You need to put effort into your flash, this stuff looks like it was drawn in 5 minutes, and then animated in 2.
It takes me atleast 3 tries to get my pics to look right, and you gotta know that to tween an entire flash, you gotta get the tweening to look really smooth. (Watch "A Wizard Creates")

Sorry, but this'll be lucky if it passes. Better luck next time.

It's simple.

The reason your movie was probably blammed is because it did not contribute to the site, just as this doesn't. On the quality of the flash, it was smooth and looked meh, but it wasn't humorous/helpful(tutorial)/fun, therefore it was deleted.

sorry to hurt our fealings...

but this is lame people don't care about your feelings so come up with a proper story. if you countinue to animate about your feelings and want to achive something it must be drawn really good



No further comments needed.

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