Reviews for "Rejected by NewGrounds"

It was OK

The Flash actually convinced me to Save it ... The idea is good and it has some humor into it but the animation needs a too much more work ... However you shoud keep it up ... you will get there ...


Love the concept, but it could use an artist and animator.

i gave you a 1

that means i didn't blam you. but my gosh, you didn't even spell "blammed" right! work on your animation and spelling, and come back when you can submit something that you know won't get blammed. :)

Your video has been blamed

Plenty of spelling errors, and there was an obvious lack of attention to detail. Why was every piece of text selectable? I obviously know why, I'm just saying that that doesn't make for a professional looking film. I like the song so that's bumped up your review score, but I'm afraid I don't see this film going very far, sorry about the last film of yours that was blammed by the way, c'est la vie!

bobbyhill23 responds:

ty i didnt realize that the text was selectable can you tell me how to fix that?

Not blamed >3

Well...I don't know which flash animation of yours was blamed, but if it got blamed, it was because it deserve it o_o sorry if they made you miserable, but there're a lot of idiot users that just submit stupid animations. I hope you're not one of those.
That's not bad :3 I like the story and the song. Work on drawing and animation, though.