Reviews for "Rejected by NewGrounds"


Please don't tell others what to think. Frankly, this flash is pointless: newgrounders will vote whatever the hell they please regardless of what you would like. If you really didn't want to have your flash blammed, then take the time to really develop. Instead of wasting 6 hours, how about taking several DAYS and then making front page?

Instead of wasting more of your life making crappy flash, how about taking the time to make something good?

That was funny.

It was good. The art could be better but it made me laugh. I liked it.

Take it from me and a lot of other people:

Do not give up! If you give up you are only proving to yourself that you have no chance ever but you do! Keep making flashes like these and listen to the criticism others give. Keep submitting and don't get down if one doesn't make it.

Now the art was quite unattractive. Start by making everything line up and have the movements in the animation more slow and realistic. Maybe a higher frame rate? Keep working buddy, you'll become better if you try.


i don't get why this video got such a low score i thought it was a great movie!

Nothing too new or interesting.

Horrid art. Now, all I'm saying is that you need to improve your art. Don't give up.