Reviews for "-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID"


Just Sweet. ~Thomasman From TGH

ganon95 responds:

thanks man! glad you like it


Lol this came out on my birthday!!! xD
Nice song man, real good, can tell how much effort you put into this!
Well done!

ganon95 responds:

thanks yea i think this is my best song to date ^.^

Well done

Its obivous a lot of effort was put into this so of course you deserve a high rating for something this awsome. Another reason its good is because its BIT.TRIP and its one of my favorite game series. Keep up the good work!

ganon95 responds:

BIT.TRIP? whats this 'BIT.TRIP' you speak of? THEY STOLE MY SONG NAME!!


glad ya liked it


The intro was just amazing, and even everything else. To be quite honest this is quite amazing, to see focus for an entire song like this, and you obviously put tons of work into it. The intro, was probably my fav though with all the electronic sounds and reverb and slides and arps :)
This is purely a masterpiece, I really enjoyed it!
Keep it up, great work :)
Can't wait to hear more :D


ganon95 responds:

haha yea alot of people really liked the intro.

i love the BIT.TRIP series and this one in perticular is my favorite so it deserves an epic remix.

glad ya liked it :P


if awesomeness was a song it would be this one

maik moar

ganon95 responds: