Reviews for "-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID"

I was in a Trance.

Just great, love all the echos' in it, a masterpiece, you should make more.

ganon95 responds:

notice the part 3, there are 2 parts before this one, you should check those out :P there is plenty to come

I usually hate 8-bit songs

But this blew me away. I was in a trance the entire time, if you put some subliminal message in this song, I would be screwed XD but in all seriousness, this song is totally awesome I love it keep up the good work my friend :)

ganon95 responds:

it technically 'does' have subliminal messages cuz its BIT.TRIP which has a really deepstory lol

glad you like it :) i worked hard on it


Started listening to it and instantly I felt drawn into it. I don't know the names of all those special sounds and notes, but I do know that they gave me such an overwhelming calm. Near the end, it has an ominous tune to it, but the beats that come in shortly make you wonder whether to sit calmly or kick something in the face. I love it and will definitely vote 5/5 on this! Thanks for giving me something to focus on BESIDES reality!

ganon95 responds:

heheh glad ya liked it, its definatly calming cuz i added alot of orchestral.

the ending is quite cool huh?

glad i could avert your focus from reality ^.^

what are the0's for?

nice song, nice work remixing it came out good

ganon95 responds:

thanks :)

the O's actually make a picture of the VOID, look up 'bit.trip void' on youtube and you will see what its supposed to be


This could certainly make for an interesting level beat actually. Maybe a creepy castle or really long dungeon level that changes a bit over time. This piece was very long but I found it to be rather calming as well which seems to be a good goal to have mind with some game level tunes, you don't want the player to always feel rushed, sometimes you want them relaxed so they can feel easy until they reach the end or area boss.

The synths here were very calming and I enjoyed how they kind of just took you on a trip through the caves of a game as you explore and search for answers or a villain/hero. The drums were very simple and brought bliss to the listener and helped them feel calm as well. The minor and yet long ambient notes i hear from time to time also make you feel good.

Overall, relaxing 8-bit tune.

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ganon95 responds:

thanks :) yea i can see why you got the 8-bit feeling cuz its a remix of a game that has 8-bit styled music for its levels. the original was mostly ambient-ish minimalistic so i tried to work with something along that line.

this would actually sound good in a sidescroller that lasts exactly 10 minutes :P