Reviews for "-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID"

Pretty sweet!

Awesome audio you got there, brah! Keep it up!

ganon95 responds:


holy crap

u rock

ganon95 responds:

no u

great job

It's a bit long but this is a quality remix. Loved it!

ganon95 responds:

yea the bit.trip remixes are meant to be long ^.^

5/5 10/10

Shit dude, this is some quality stuff right here...this reminds me of a more upbeat version of Starcreams music, I love all the layers and automations. Great job dude!

ganon95 responds:

thnx, you should check out the original(s) :P

omg vat

That was a long song. I thought with the very drawn out intro that there would be some epic walls of sounds somewhere but it's mostly these extremely minimal chiptune themes in a very airy mix. Not sure if I like that- gets a biiit tiring with no major change in sound, ever. The thing at 3:45 was a welcome digression from the chiptune theme though- but it doesn't last all that long haha. The 4:18 part was funny too. Those are probably my favourite parts. The others, ehhhhh I mean I get the idea but they're either not all that memorable or just oddly dissonant. There's a long weird note progression that doesn't seem to have any direction or even make any sense, it's somewhere around the seventh minute. The transitions that occur are a bit weiiird- the parts don't sound lthat much like they're parts of the same song. But of course this is a remix of three different songs and idk how else you would remix it since I haven't heard the original.

To be completely honest I barely had the stamina to listen through it once (even though it's an easy listen, thanks to the very light mix). I would have preferred 3 different songs with more solid structure. Here it appears to be quite random. But you did do a solid job creating a consistent theme with a set of recognizable instruments, that is for sure.

And also, respect to you for passing the 10 minute mark on a song. Which is quite an achievement in itself. Great effort.

ganon95 responds:

well i have passed it before with 12 minutes so thats 2 achievements i guess?

not sure what you mean by theres no major change in sound because it changes up ALOT. if you scroll through the song there won't be 2 parts that sound the same.

my goal with this song was to make it just smoothly go from one part to another and overall maintain a relaxed, ambient chiptune feeling, not too many high parts but not too many low parts, y'know? definatly something you don't see often :P i think most of what turns people off with this song is the length, most people have the attention span of a rock lol.

thanks for the review :) i would suggest you check out bit.trip VOID so you can see just how much i changed it up from the orignal, you might be suprised