Reviews for "-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID"


great as usual ganon, gotta love that ID to EGO transition. :)

ganon95 responds:

yea thats one of my best transitions yet :P

Not too Shabby my Friend

Wow, simply wow. Love the beat, the tone, and just about everything about it. Nice and smooth, and is an amazing remix of some amazing music 10/10 Nice job mate, keep up the amazing work!

ganon95 responds:

:P glad you liked it it took 5 months to finish



BEAT: (9.99/10) 1.I think u overemphasized the precussion/sound FX 2. At the end that mad piano sklz

CORE: (999999999/10) 1. I think you overemphasized the electronic feel 2. ITS FRIKIN AWESOME 3. Can you send me a looped sound clip from 10:40 (email on my homepage) 4. Can you tell me how you edited the backbeat? (If there making a remix on CORE; like they did with FLUX and BEAT, you should send that in)

VOID: (10/10) 1. A little to creepy at some parts 2. Did you switch recording software? Same with BEAT

OVERALL REVIEW: (10000000000/10) AWESOME SERIES. Are you going to make one on RUNNER? YOU ARE AWESOME GANON95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ganon95 responds:

for core, im not sure exactly what you mean by 'backbeat' as there are lots of backbeats, i used a combination of sound recordings from the original and notes i placed myself. i don't think they will be making a remix of CORE because FLUX is the last game in the series.

I used FL9 for all 3 of these remixes, so no i didn't switch any software, i did end up using new VST's and samples in this one tho.

Trippy o.o

but pretty awesome ^^ I like the production and progression. Music is fresh and oldschool newschool bro. reminds me of video-game greatness. Nice blend of instruments and effects. Leave me a review on my latest flash ^^

ganon95 responds:

this reminds you of video gamer greatness because its from a greatness video game!!

hell yeah

This is incredible man, good job all who had a part in it

ganon95 responds:

well it was pretty much all by me but yea, the other dudes who did some stuff are totally awesome!