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Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"

Well done.

Haunting and laden with meaning, this is truly the work of a real artist. It's fantastic watching your skill develop from toon to toon. You've raised the bar on your previous submissions. 5'ed.


i love the walmart manager!
watching this made several walnuts fall out of my penis


Nice, lots of time well spent

X_x OMG...

This has got to be one of your best (and scariest) submission ever. I love how you used the whole concept of the brain tumor and his visions. To anyone wondering what the demon guy is...I believe that symbolizes the Grim Reaper (hence holding out the hand at the end). I loved the storyline, the scary sounds, and the animation (all done by hand...congrats!). ^_^ This deserves 10/10 and 5/5!!!!!!@@!@@!112!1231<>! Also the first part was pretty good too. Keep up the good work!!!! :3

Wow this is just amazing!!

I haven't seen something this good in a long long while, You deserve far more than just a 3.90 I'd say you should have at least a 4.5 or higher! this is very good; and I think I can understand the story. Keep up the good work it's amazing!