Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"


excellent work.


a 10/10 5/5 isn't enough for this. Though it's two parts, it's still amazing. Have you considered doing artwork for horror novels? sometimes they include pictures to help people invision things. I think you'd be great at it. keep up the goodwork.


...That was just great.... I saw that as one of death's many, many forms. He can be crushing, or he can be peaceful. Neither way, he will get you in the end.

You are an amazing artist

I dont think any two people will get the exact same message from that.

Ths is what I took away from it :
You start off life and it seems exciting and new but as you go through life you become unimpressed and bored. Time is ticking until you die, plus tumour could seem like an entity attacking you and brnging you down.


Loved the manager XD.