Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"

amazing once again

it was a brilliant movie.


I think what I like most about flashes like this is that they prove that one doesn't need a Hollywood budget, 90 minutes, and Steven Spielberg to produce a mesmerizing story. I also like how such an extraordinary event can take place in so mundane setting as a work shift at Wal-Mart, even if it was all in our hero's head.

Brilliant piece. Cheers.

Words cannot describe...

...this flash. It is truly a masterpiece and should be commended. The very end, when the clerk was standing in front of the black thing, sent that liquidation feeling to the pit of my stomach. Almost nothing on this Earth can do that.

Thanks for making such a moving animation.
(No pun [if there is one] intended)


This is a true work of art. It hits on several areas that few artists dare to portray, and shows these ideas perfectly while still keeping in line to culture today. The most amazing part is your ability to portray multiple philosophical questions through one idea alone.
Some questions I found (but I'm certain I missed a few with the depth your flash went to):
-When I die, who really cares?
-What kind of life is considered "worth living?"
-What does it look like when one experiences death (especially if the form of death is attacking one's brain)?

There's of course the entire "dreams" part of the flash, but since I cannot fathom a question to single that area into one question alone, I will just leave it be.

Thank you for creating something that actually causes people to think more of others as well as more about their quality of life, instead of the masses of worthless garbage (bodily humor for one) that would not surprise me in the least if it dooms mankind's future.

That was

It was artistic, its tone and mood were fantastic.
its magic realism in crayon.

im a big fan of your art style and loved your supervillain and voyagewaffle.
I was expecting something funny, but you succeed at such serious subject also.