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Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"

Just turn around
anything is better than that


that doesnt necesarilly mean the wall-mart as wall-mart but has other message behind it

as the previous, very interesting and creepy
5/5 man


i've seen a few of your animations and they are pretty sweet, but this one kinda struck a chord with me, and it surprises me i didnt see it earlier.


beware the bean beasts, and the ... sloth mosnters?


Wal-Mart starts as a small tumor that is benign at first until you realize it's malignant. Shoppers hate shopping there but they can't stop (low price and near home). Employees hate working there but they won't stop (they get paid). It torments and consumes you (possibly becomes you) until you are nothing but a shadow of yourself. At the end where it's saying "pay up" it doesn't offer life, it doesn't want money, it wants the one thing you have left...your life/soul.