Reviews for "XXXI Prologue : The Game"

Image movement look much better...

this is ur new great job.. well done. ur image movement look much more better, i can see improvement in ur artworks.. anyway i've managed to complete the mission at one try..

Blakant responds:

lol, thx hommie. Spread the words!


Nothing new here, and it doesn't do the usual stuff well. Their are numerous diologue mistakes, and the gameplay is short and uninventice. Could be a fresh take on teh whole, "choose your path" game, but ends up looking basically like a crappy fan version of the Battle for Helms Deep


but its a little bit like 300 but still i would love another one its more like commando
looking foward to the next

this was pretty good

the style of playing was pretty fun, but i would have liked to done something in the final battle scene. also, the soundtrack rocked. all in all it was a good submission.

Blakant responds:

Okay, rlly appreciate for u to be the first to Review this game for me.
Hope u can ask ur frend to play it & review it more? =P