Reviews for "XXXI Prologue : The Game"


i won
Like the 300
only instead of having 31 ppl at end it said i have 24..... glitch plz fix

Blakant responds:

lol, I think u got it all wrong. Its their 31st day to stand on their capital ground, not 31 ppl left, good to see u try to advicefor my improvement tho!


I liked the game but I don't know if i'd call it a game persay... it's more of an interactive movie if you ask me... none the less though good job making it past judgement =)

Blakant responds:

Oh, thx. Rlly appreciate ur participant in reviewing this game. =)

Pretty nice concept!

While the story enough is interesting, I think there needs to be a longer amount of time given to make a choice between the actions when it comes onscrees, giving people a chance to read what there is to do. Other than that, I think it's a pretty cool game!

Blakant responds:

thx for the Reviews, hope u'll ask ur frend to review it too!

I don't get it

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems incomplete. There aren't any instructions for how to defend the castle and it seems to fail automatically.

Blakant responds:

You should try to use the scroll first for instruction. And maybe u didnr finish load it or juz chosed the wrong tactic OR u juz too slow to choose the right option

Battle of death

epic game man

Blakant responds:

Oh, thx hongkong. Btw, ur from Hong Kong? Cuz Im from Malaysia. Thx for the review & spread this game for me! Haha