Reviews for "XXXI Prologue : The Game"


This is one of the best I've played in a while! When your making the next one (if you are, that is) make it a bit longer with more missions and interactivity.

Blakant responds:

Alright, thx a bunch!
About the game, Idk how to response to that, lol. Cuz I havent decide whether Im gonna make a game soon or no.


Its like the battle bits of Rome:Total War without you controlling the people but just commanding them instead. Interesting idea for a flash game(or maybe i'm just too new).Make it harder and make more missions!


I like it, it´s very nice, are u thinking in make another? =)

Blakant responds:

Not sure, cuz Im think I like to do more movie instead of games.... We'll see,k?


i like how you used races from Halo and Oblivion. .......Khajiit.....lol

verry cool

like it but make it longer

Blakant responds:

Well, Im thinking to make this one short since its my firt game ever. I think I'll make a movie next time
wif 20-30min duration. Thx for the review tho!