Reviews for "XXXI Prologue : The Game"


alright, this shows that if you put some effort into something it can turn into a good animation. well, here you can tell that this game took some time to make, and i respect that, a game is hard work, but maybe, just maybe, you could of done some extra programing, some more added bonuses, or, you know, bonuses in general. but anyways, pretty well done.


i really really enjoyed this. a job well done.
though in the teaser thing you made, i'll have to say, i DID like the jackals more...
despite that, i still loved this game.

5/5 and 10/10!!!!!


VERY fun game i hope u can make a 2nd one i would like slightly more interactivity in the second one if u can =P

Pretty Kool

I liked it, I had to think hard and quickly lol. It was fun, I completed the mission.


this is lord of the ring remake!
good game!