Reviews for "XXXI Prologue : The Game"


it was just a lil bit dumb but it was okay 3/5


i love these types of games but u loose 2 marks for making me confused, making it 2 short and making the timer so short u can barly read ur choices....... do mkae more tho GJ!!!

A little bit silly

It may sound pedantic but there is no way in hell a shield or shields would stop a ballista bolt.

Blakant responds:

Well, I've seen a movie & games use that technique to reflect the ballista. Not sure which 1

Good graphics but weird gameplay

As I said the graphics rock but the gameplay was a bit strange. And the game was a bit short.

Blakant responds:

Yeah, the game r REALLY short. I juz doing this one to see viewers response to these kind of game.


the action was too slow and the game was more like an movie, but the graphics and the concept was good

Blakant responds:

Well, there was a game juz like this, but no one seems to complaint if its a movie. Two game actually, Field Commander or something like that