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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

Hahaha, I glitched it lvl6. When I knew I didn't get it balanced, I did a quick click (a lot) to vent and saw there's a teeny little gap once it starts weighing. 90% it will readjust (even though I don't have any more weights stocked) and give me the readjustment as the final score. But, haha, I just kept doin it for fun, but every now and then when I get balanced with 0 difference it'll do the sound and the weighing screen clears but it just sits there.

nice tune!!!

Love the music...!! Got a bit bored quickly though...just not my game..!!

dat audio

it's superb! where can i get it?
also, geat game, challenging, and a fun time-waster!

Simple and agravating

Fun game, really basic concept. But put in a way to make it addicting. The Music is awesome, I love it definatly kept me playing! Flying through the game until I reached Level 7, that is WAY too hard. No matter what I always mess up, it's jsut asking for too much. If I could get a reward for hitting it spot on, or getting a checkpoint for getting a certian amount of perfects in a row, that would make level 7 more bareable. Decent game overall, the music is really good. Level 7 though, needs a checkpoint half way.

Great game, needs check point of some sort.

basically what the other guys said, rephrased. but really, it was pretty alright, i had no other problems with it.

also, song: http://ww w.youtube.c om/watch?v=pxBxhilbTU4
from 1.5 mins of research.