Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

my votes

my vote for celes and link


After 2 years...FINALLY! where did sailor jupiter and Mars come from? How'd they get on the island? Poor Mario....Wish he coulda stayed....Ah, well. Ganon's such a retard. Could Ryu always transform into a dragon? It woulda been nice to use that earlier. Man...I gotta vote for Celes and Link...I like them both, but Bub is my favorite, and I've started to like Shadow again(even tho he likes Sailor Moon.) Awesome Movie(s). Oh, and is 9 gonna take ANOTHER 2 years? Don't make me think You died again!

One of best series ever!!!

Oh man!!! That was nice!!!! Hope it wont take another 2 another years making the next episode becuse I canĀ“t wait XD


Man this is probably the best series on Newgrounds

My vote is for Bub.


where they in the matrix or something and who was that guy in the black?

i vote celes out.