Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


That was awesome, as usual! Well done mate, you get better each time. I'm going to vote for Link to leave the island.

Hell-Fire responds:


why dear god why?

what in all that is good in the world did you bring back more of those sailor sluts? that was deaply disturbing, the bit with getting lucky as a frog wasnt for the light hearted either. moving very swiftly on from that though i'm glad to see another sprite survivor, this series has always been one of my favourites and it continues to be. great work as always.
i vote for bub, though i doubt it'll keep him off the island any more than it did mario.
and for the record, that was a REALLY cheap shot chrono got against shadow.

Hell-Fire responds:


Hey mate, good to hear from you again. I felt that there needed to be more sailor sluts (with sound effects) haha . Thanks for the review :D


It's between Link and Celes. I think Celes should go. With her gone Gannon can still fight Link, also without Celes in the picture Link may regain an interest for Zelda. Sorry to say it but it will cause a Big Brother 8 like effect. SS is awesome and I'd like to see more series. I vote Celes.

Hell-Fire responds:


Thanks a lot mate. Glad you liked it. :D


So glad 8 came out. Good to know you are still working on it. Hope to see 9 out soon.

And i vote Bub out.


Oh man i've been waiting on eight forever! God it's good to have you back on the Grounds. It just felt like an empty void without SS. And it's a tough vote on this one. My nintendo fanboy heart can't force me to vote for link. So i vote off Shadow. Why? He's always been shady to me for some reason. Great series and i hope to see the next one soon.